Fremont Vacancies


3626 Fremont Ln N, Seattle, WA 98103, USA
Outdoor Parking
Parking in Central Fremont. Reserved spaces at The Crestwood Apartment Homes. Call 206-547-9763 for more information.

There are no vacancies in this neighborhood



signRenowned as Seattle’s most artistically eccentric community, Fremont wavers whimsically somewhere in time between the 50’s, 60’s and the 23rd century.

Entering through the gateway, the Fremont drawbridge, you’ll find a towering 53’ rocket poised for launch. From here you can easily spend hours brunching and browsing in Fremont’scanal05 deliciously fun and unusual shops or treasure hunting the many emporiums of vintage clothing, collectibles and antiques. Poke around and you’ll find a real chocolate factory, brave new art galleries, several celebrated micro- breweries, a fascinating underground antique mall, the Northwest’s most diverse acoustic musical instrument shop, a working fine arts foundry, the Empty Space Theater and, on Sundays, a thriving flea, craft and farmers’ market. For food and drink you can enjoyFreemont-statues the European style pubs, bistros and coffee houses, or the fine ethnic and seafood restaurants.

Fremont is home to such curiosities as the giant Troll statue under the Aurora Bridge, the Slovakian sculpture of Vladimir I. Lenin on N 36th Street, and “People Waiting for the Interurban,” Richard Beyer’s 1978 sculptural monument to mass transit gone by.troll

Since the late 1990s, Fremonters, or Fremonsters, have been referring to their neighborhood as “The Center of the Universe.”